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All-Inclusive Program

The contract for All-Inclusive program can be signed at 36-37 weeks gestation with singleton pregnancy after approval of your doctor of choice. 
Prior to signing the contract the following procedures are required: consultation of OBGYN; ultrasound.

Services included:

  • Flat price for vaginal and Cesarean deliveries;
  • In-patient treatment for Mother and baby within 3 days after vaginal delivery and 6 days after Cesarean delivery;
  • Birth Plus Agreement (free insurance covering unforeseen medical expenses: NICU (up to 400 hours);
  • Secondary care for preterm babies (up to 31 days); 
  • Autoblood draw and autologous blood reinfusion;
  • All lab tests (excluding molecular genetic testing) and instrumental tests;
  • All medications except Curosurf and Anti D;
  • CT, MRI, X-Ray
  • Surgery interventions upon medical necessity;
  • Histologic study of placenta;
  • Neonatal screening for baby;
  • One group consultation with a psychologist;
  • Up to 7 days of hospital admission and treatment within 8 weeks after delivery in case of postpartum complications.

Limitations: multiple pregnancy, congenital malformations of the fetus, placenta previa, placenta increta, uterine scar after over three Cesarean deliveries, HIV status, malignant conditions.

Corporate and insurance customers are not eligible for this program. 

PMC promo offers, discounts and gift certificates are not applicable to this contract.  


Groups of OBGYNsCost of labor & delivery + hospital stay (h/s)
+ 3 days h/s for Mother and newborn (vaginal single delivery)
+ 5 days h/s for Mother and newborn (Cesarean single delivery)
Group 1
330 000
Group 2
430 000
Group 3
500 000
Group 4
600 000

Prices indicated in Russian rubles. Prices may be subject to change without prior notice.