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При этом контактная информация, предоставленная вами – адрес электронной почты и телефоны – является строго конфиденциальной и на сайте не размещается.

23.10.2014 Philip Grosse Wiesmann,
Hello!  My wife's diagnose is "Piloma" and she is with child (12 weeks).
The doktors in the polyclinic in Gatschina cannot answer the question to what degree the infection is harmful to her and/or to the child?
And please could you tell me the latin or english name of this infection.
Thank you, Philip Grosse Wiesmann
Dear Mr. Wiesmann,
I am consulting ob-gyn of “ Mother and Child” clinic on which forum you published the question in March.  For certain reasons, I can answer your question only now.
I guess, your wife was diagnosed as having papilloma. It is a benign lesion that is caused by Human Papilloma Virus Infection (HPV).  There are more than 60 types of this virus exist. All these types are devided into two groups: benign types of HPV and malignant types of HPV. Benign types ( type 6 and type 11 are the most common) may cause lesions that are called  “papilloma” on skin, most frequently on genital area skin (that I guess your wife has). Except for discomfort (some itching, some pain) it pose no risk for the woman’s health and pregnancy development. Though papilloma may increase in size during pregnancy and cause discomfort, it is harmless for the baby development. There is no evidence that HPV causes congenital malformations or congenital infection, increases risk for miscarriage or preterm delivery. Usually, papillomas are rarely removed during pregnancy.
Malignant types of HPV are usually found in uterine cervix and may cause cervical cancer. These types of HPV are very rare cause any skin lesions. All women should have annual Papanicolau cervical smear to see if their cervix has malignant or pre-malignant changes caused by malignant types of HPV or not. Pregnant patients usually have Papanicolau test done early in pregnancy according to standarts of Western medicine. This is not a rule for Russian medicine. So, I am doubt, you wife (if she is Russian) ever had this test done. But this test is available in Russian medicine. So, you wife may have this test done after delivery. 
Hope, this information will be helpful to you and your wife.
Consulting Obstetrician-Gynecologist
Clinic “Mother and Child”
Alexandra V. Borisova MD., Ph. D.

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